I really enjoyed Lotusland. LA is one of my favourite American cities and I think it surprises many when I say that I find the city quite gorgeous. The city has such a diversity of architectural forms and there’s lushness beaming out everywhere from manicured hedges to endless palm trees. I also think, while it’s no Boston or Montreal, it’s still more walkable than people give it credit for. It’s not really a Phoenix (or Orlando, to use your example) or other Sun Belt metros because it’s clearly older than them. Not East Coast old, but LA has a lot of pre-WWII built form, mostly from the streetcar suburbia era. It’s sort of like Detroit in that way, although LA today is more walkable in general. It’s because of this inherent older urbanism and good bones infused with the perfectly mild climate year-round that I find it frustrating how car-first Angelinos are, even as traffic only gets worse.

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Apr 16, 2023Liked by Alex Wolfe

Thank You very much for your stories. Very Inspiring!

I have fond memories of trekking Southern California in plastic drugstore sandals. I saw a peacock up close for the first time and eventually lost one sandal in the ocean. Good times.

You reminded me of why I hold on to old plastic bus pass cards.

Appreciate your words on American homelessness.



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This...is incredible.

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